Cathedral of Mary Our Queen
Third Sunday of Easter
APRIL 19, 2015

The two disciples recounted what had taken place and how Jesus was made known to them in the breaking of the bread.

Luke 24:35

Fellowship Sunday Social
April 19,2015
The Kindergarten & Pre-First Classes will host Sunday's social after the 8:30AM Mass in the Undercroft.
Confirmation Updates


Confirmation Confirmation Mass is Sunday, April 19th at 3:00PM.

Confirmation Service Opportunities Little People’s Church - 8:30-9:30AM (1hr)

Confirmation 2016 If your child is currently in 7th grade and will be con-firmed next year, students can start earning hours over the summer. Students can volunteer as Vacation Bible School counselors this summer. We will be do-ing two Vacation Bible Schools again this year. The dates are June 22-25 and August 10-13. Volunteers will be working from 8AM to 1PM. Please contact Sherri Rachuba at or 410-464-4010 if you would like to help.

Together as one parish community ... let us move onwards ... towards the realization of the directions set by the Parish Strategic Pastoral Plan with greater zeal and commitment (Download the complete version ...)

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"Music Notes"

On the road to Emmaus, the disciples enter into conversation with a stranger. How often do we enter into conversations with strangers? I'm guessing that most of us tend to speak to the same people week after week, ignoring any strangers in our midst, and that our musical habits follow the same as our speaking habits. We listen to the same radio station every day and, if we go to concerts, it's probably to hear the same music we hear on the radio. We like the music we like, and we stick with it until something forces us to change.

Have you ever driven far enough that you lost the signal for your favorite radio station? Maybe you flew somewhere, rented a car and needed to find a new radio station. Emmaus was a long journey for the disciples. They left behind what they knew and were headed to a new location. The journey forced them to move outside their comfort zone and known territory. Their conversation with the stranger gave them a chance to learn more about their faith until their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus. While a radio signal grows weaker as we move away from it, the disciples grew stronger through their encounter with the stranger as they moved away from what was familiar.

Music can be the stranger that leads us closer to Christ. Familiar songs can reinforce what we already know and believe, and new music can shed light upon aspects of our faith and practice that we might not have considered or understood yet. While the cliché says we should not judge a book by its cover, music (and people) can get labeled very quickly. Whether you like "traditional" or "contemporary" music, I'd like to suggest that you not let the label keep you from interacting with a stranger. The disciples walked many steps with the stranger before they recognized him. So, too, our own musical journeys might require a lot of time with the unfamiliar before we understand. Explore, reach out, listen (and sing!) so that you too might discover Jesus along the way beside you.



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We have been notified that starting Monday November 10 the Baltimore City Department of Transportation will begin to replace sidewalks and resurface the road surface on Charles Street from Northern Pkwy South to the intersection of Homeland Ave. It is expected to take 90 days to complete the work so please plan for possible delays when traveling to the Cathedral and Cathedral School.